Classy - 100% Virgin Malaysian Remy - Human Hair Wig - Tiffany 18"


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Classy Signature. PROFESSIONAL ONLY. Luxury. Beauty. Glamour,

100% Virgin Malysian Remy

Human Hair Full Wig

  • contains 100% virgin human remy hair
  • no chemical process
  • hand cared

CLASSY Signature REMY hair is produced and handled with upmost care. To keep our product form tangling and matting CLASSY Signature Remy hair cuticles are kept in their natural orientation, root end first, throughout the preparation.

Unlike other human hair products in the market, our unique procedure keeps hair from excessive chemical and machine manufacturing process.

Classy Signature Virgin Human Hair, maintains its luxurious luster longer than other hair products because our remy hair retains their natural protective cuticle layer.



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